Valves and Actuators for Industrial Applications

TehnoINSTRUMENT offers a wide range of valves and actuators for special applications in the chemical, refining, pharma, nuclear and other industries, from renowned manufacturers like Crane Co., which holds numerous prestigious brands like Crane®, Xomox®, Krombach®, Flowseal®, Stockham®, Pacific Valves®, Saunders®, Resistoflex®, ResistoPure®, Center Line®, Duo-Check®, Noz-Check®, Uni-Check®, Triangle®, Jenkins®, WTA®, Revo®, Depa®.

From DN15 to DN100 and from PN16 to PN40, for various mediums (gas, liquid, solid). Can have internal protection for aggressive mediums, made out of PTFE, PVDF, PFA and other inert materials.

From DN15 to DN100 and from PN16 to PN40, for various mediums (corrosive, flammable, adhesive, toxic, etc.). Can come with heating sheath for various types of fluids which need to be held at a certain temperature in order to prevent changing of their state.

In a wide variety of sizes, from DN50 to DN1800 and working pressures from PN6 to PN320. With internal protection from PTFE, PVDF, PFA, elastomers or other inert materials for aggressive chemical environments or for erosive environments. With flange (wafer) or stud (lug)

From DN8 to DN500, max. PN16, for aseptic applications (pharmaceutical industry, food industry), or for industrial applications handling corrosive / erosive / high viscosity fluids (chemical industry, mining, treatment plants, etc.)

From 1/2 “to 36”, made of stainless steel, cast iron, bronze or alloys.

From 1/2 “to 12”, they can also be bellows seal for critical applications.

For safe change of flow direction, with seal on bellows, DN 25-400, PN 16-400, made of stainless steel, cast iron or alloys.

For unidirectional flow, size range DN50-DN500, PN10-PN40, for a wide range of applications.

Pneumatic or electrical, for normal or explosion-proof areas with a drive force of 6-10000 Nm, operating temperatures between 200 and 800°C. Available accessories: travel limiters, electromagnetic valves, positioners.